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Tips For Recycling Old UPS Batteries

by | Apr 24, 2021 | Eola Power News | 0 comments

With routine testing, battery life and performance can be accurately determined for any UPS system. When batteries reach the point of 80% or less, they should be replaced to ensure top performance of the UPS system. Another factor to consider is the age of the battery. In most cases, the battery should be replaced every three years. Annual battery testing and maintenance can extend this time or let you know in advance if you need to consider an earlier replacement.

Replacing batteries means having to dispose of the old batteries. At EOLA, we offer UPS battery recycling solutions that makes this process simple, easy, and environmentally safe.

Recycling Options

All batteries, including UPS batteries, need to be disposed of according to the laws within in your state. The laws stipulate these batteries cannot be disposed of in landfill or other types of waste disposal processes, they must be recycled. They also cannot be incinerated and can create a significant risk if they are incorrectly disposed of by any means.

These batteries do contain toxic and poisonous substances. Recycling services working with batteries have the ability to safely remove the components of the UPS battery and recycle the material. In a standard lead-acid type of battery, up to 80% of the material is recyclable.

When in doubt, contact the team at EOLA or contact your commercial waste recycling and disposal service. State and local municipal websites may also provide information on commercial battery recycling in your area or on specific collection locations where batteries can be dropped off for recycling.