IR Thermography

Advanced Diagnostics With Infrared Inspection Services

One of the challenges in maintaining optimal working conditions for electronic components is the buildup of heat within systems. In the past, it was very difficult to isolate the source of the heat to identify the early signs of temperature increases that are linked to the potential for component failure.

IR Thermography can identify issues and potential problems to avoid production shut-downs and save you money.

Early Detection of Problems

EOLA Power offers our customers the use of state-of-the-art infrared inspection services. This advanced option in heat detection is on all types of equipment, components, panel boxes, and even for large areas of a system. It can be used to check a small area of a suspected problem or to verify there are no areas of concern across the system.

The infrared thermography inspection is completed using a small, compact, and highly sensitive handheld device. It is able to scan the surface of a system or component and detect and record the presence of infrared energy. This data is converted into a temperature image, which indicates the specific areas of the system that have higher heat levels than others.

The thermographic inspection is very sensitive and is highly effective in detecting even slight temperature changes. Often these slight temperature increases are due to problems with component malfunction or failure. The hot spots in the thermal imaging are also associated with loose connections. Finding these early helps to save the cost of repairs and unplanned downtime for some or all of the system.

The team at EOLA Power offers Infrared Thermography Testing as a free service for all new customers. This is an exceptional advantage, allowing our team of field engineers to inspect and identify any potential problems with the system. We also provide Infrared Inspection Services as requested by our customers or used as part of a comprehensive maintenance and service plan.


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