The EOLA Power UPS Battery Recycling Solution


One of the challenges in replacing UPS batteries is the issue of how to dispose of the old batteries. Even if old UPS batteries are completely unable to hold a charge, they are still considered to be hazardous materials. They cannot be tossed into building waste or trash collection bins, and they costly to dispose of through private UPS battery recycling services.


At EOLA Power, we offer UPS battery recycling as part of our services. We also provide full uninterruptible power supply recycling, which means we not only recycle the batteries, we can also manage all recycling and reusing requirements for the UPS units and components.


A Better World


The UPS battery recycling is part of our way of keeping our environment free from hazardous materials. We have the ability to work with the batteries and the UPS system components to remove any hazardous waste materials, which are disposed of in full compliance with all regulations, restrictions, and requirements.


The remaining components and materials that are safe for regular disposal are then sent to the appropriate location. This includes some parts and components sent for uninterruptible power supply recycling, helping to reuse materials and further protect the world around us.


For businesses of all types and across all industries, using green practices for all uninterruptible power supply recycling and UPS battery recycling is an important part of being an environmentally-responsible business. Working closely with EOLA Power for all battery and UPS unit recycling allows your company to adhere to those green practices and to be a great business within your community.


If you are using our services for uninterruptible power supply and battery maintenance and serving, we will ask about the disposal of your old batteries and system components. This is typically done at the time we replace old or failed batteries and UPS systems, making it a seamless process for our customers.

Do the planet a favor by recycling, reusing, and reducing! Let us handle the disposal issues for you.


Disposal can pose some challenges since the batteries inside the units are considered hazardous waste. You cannot simply throw it away in the dumpster.

We can handle any disposal issues which include unused or broken UPS units and batteries. We separate the hazardous waste items and properly dispose of so you don’t have to. We can handle the dirty work for you while doing our planet a favor by recycling, reusing, and reducing!

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