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A Basic Overview Of Load Testing Options

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One of the many services EOLA provides our customers is load testing. This is a critical aspect of all UPS systems to ensure you have the power needed to maintain mission critical equipment and systems even in the event of a complete power failure.

Load testing is done by simulating a power outage and a typical demand to ensure the UPS system functions as needed. Load testing is part of ongoing maintenance on the system and should be completed on an annual or semi-annual basis. It is also crucial to consider load testing if there are changes in the equipment, increased power demand, or any configuration changes in equipment or the system.

Functional Load Testing

As the name implies, functional load testing ensures the system is functioning to meet the required energy needs for each function. To complete this process, testing is done at a steady state or steady demand at zero, fifty, and one hundred percent of load.

Various tests on voltage, current, frequent, balance, and regulation are tested at each of the steady states. Any differences or deviations between the standard and the actual tested results indicate a potential problem between different modules and phases in the system. Early testing means that any issues can be repaired, providing the necessary power levels when needed.

All types of functional load tests also include a battery-rundown test. With this aspect of the test, the condition of the battery is fully tested. It is recommended to consider battery replacement when it no longer meets 80% of the rated capacity.

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