Static Switch Transfer 

EOLA is a Multi-Brand Service Provider of Static Transfer Switches. In today’s data centers, a STS device is used to afford the power system the option of automatically switching input sources, without interruption. With an average sense and transfer time of less than 3-4ms, the STS is a crucial piece of equipment to have, in order to ensure the highest performance power switching solutions available.

 With a Static Transfer Switch, it eliminates the chance of a loss of power to critical loads by properly coordinating with the electrical distribution system. The STS is designed as a dual source of power to a single input device.

Your Source For Multi-Brand Static Transfer Switches

At EOLA, we are the leading provider of static transfer switches for all types of UPS systems. The choice of a static transfer switch for UPS is essential to ensure the power supply automatically transfers to the backup system if the main power goes out.

Reliable Components

The static transfer switch for UPS our team of engineers recommends is carefully selected to meet your current system configuration and requirements. With these switches installed, a primary and backup source of power is always in place to ensure critical components and systems are always up and running.

 This includes data centers, hospitals, essential services, hotels and resorts, entertainment venues, cell phone towers, and small to large businesses, where keeping the power on is a critical consideration.

 Adding static transfer switches is a cost-effective way to provide this backup power system. Fully automated, the switch senses a drop in the power on the primary system and immediately transfers to the secondary power source. This is the ideal solution in areas where storms, poor electrical grid performance, or the need for uninterrupted power to sensitive equipment is an essential consideration.

Your Source For Multi-Brand Static Transfer Switches

Any type of building, business, venue, or facility requiring constant power supply needs to invest in quality UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems. One of the critical components of these systems is a static transfer switch. Without the use of the right static transfer switch (STS) the system requires a manual transfer from the primary power source to the backup, which means the power does go out for minutes during the switch over.

We are a multi-brand service provider for all sizes and options in static transfer switches. Our team of highly trained engineers can evaluate your system and recommend the ideal option in a static transfer switch for UPS. On average, the transfer switches we recommend require less than 4 seconds to sense power drop and to transfer to the backup system.


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