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Eola Power Company

What is Eola’s Business Concept

We are your one-stop for all your critical power needs. We supply, install, and service all your uninterruptible power supply (or UPS), battery backup, and power generation needs ensuring a continual supply of power to all your equipment and facilities that fits your budget & needs.

We are Florida’s #1 Independent Provider of Critical UPS Service and Maintenance. Bold innovation combined with an unbeatable on-site service response time and 100% job completion rate has made Eola Power the #1 independent critical power service provider in Florida. 


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Emergency Service

Uptime is our business; we strive to prevent emergencies with your UPS units 24/7/365. Our team, innovative technology and more than four decades of experience all work together to stop downtime before it starts. And when an UPS emergency happens, count on Eola’s best-in-class emergency service to ensure the instantaneous protection for your mission critical applications.



Eola Power is one of the only generator contractors in South Florida with the licensing required to perform all your industrial generator needs. We are certified to sell, install, repair, and replace Generac industrial generators for commercial buildings because Generac, the leading brand of generator products in the entire nation, trusts us to do the work safely, efficiently, and reliably. We take great pride in our reputation, and we take your satisfaction even more seriously.


UPS Parts

Eola Power has access to the largest inventory of UPS parts in the industry, including OEM-discontinued and obsolete components. We have made this investment to save our customers valuable seconds during critical backup power events and standard service calls. In a UPS emergency we can be mobilized with the correct part in an average of 2 hours in Florida., making us the fastest and most reliable independent critical backup service company in Florida.


One-Stop Critical Systems Service

Simplify your maintenance schedule. Whether you need UPS battery monitoring or maintenance services, automatic transfer switch (ATS) repair/service, generator maintenance or other critical equipment support, we can help you streamline and save.


Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Replacement and Service

Proper UPS maintenance includes proactive uninterruptible power supply battery replacement. Eola’s engineers are fully trained in proper installation and recycling of UPS batteries, and strictly follow all manufacturer, IEEE and EPA guidelines for wet cell and flooded batteries. We offer full and partial replacement services on all UPS battery makes/models.


UPS Rentals

Eola Power has a large inventory of Rental UPS’ that can provide temporary critical backup power should the need arise.

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