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Important Considerations In A Data Center Commissioning Checklist

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Eola Power News | 0 comments

At EOLA, we focus on providing customized solutions for all of our projects. This includes completing a tailored data center commissioning checklist for each facility that ensures all of the services are completed and verified to meet exacting standards.

The services offered for a data center do have common features. These include a plan for quality control and quality assurance throughout the commissioning, a power quality analysis, site assessment, and load management strategy. The commissioning checklist should be designed to address all phases of the project, from the initial design and implementation through the load testing as part of the commissioning process.

Key Considerations

In addition to new data center commissioning, it is also important to complete a checklist for retro-commissioning. This is used on existing systems to improve functioning and performance by specifically identifying areas for improvement.

Determining the checklist for initial commissioning or data center retro-commissioning is part of the design process. Pre-design and design phase checklist elements include understanding the scope and bank load technology required.

From this point, the checklist should include all aspects of the construction phase. This includes installation, functioning, and maintenance for the system, as well as how to document maintenance and train professionals on the system.

Operations and maintenance phases include implementation of the plan, evaluation of the project, as well as ongoing load bank testing to reduce the risk of any failures or reduction in performance and processes moving forward over time. This will also include life cycle considerations for the UPS system, as well as the option to continue to build efficiency across the facility.

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