Data Center Commisioning

It is very important to make sure your power systems perform as specified. Our team performs all levels of commissioning and retro commissioning. This will ensure your systems are operating at peak performance for planned or unexpected outages.

Critical Solutions, Available Worldwide. Uninterrupted Data Centers.

EOLA Commissioning Packages

EOLA’s commissioning side of the house has end to end solutions to support current, or future Data Center projects.  Our Commissioning team has earned a reputation as being experts in data center commissioning around the world.

EOLA Commissioning Packages include any type of custom tailored services

Factory Witness Testing

Life Cycle Replacement

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control

Power Quality Analysis

Site Expansion

Site Assessment

MOP, SOP and EOP Development

End of Life Replacements

Load (Power & Cooling) Management

Maintenance Planning

Reliability Assurance Testing


Retro-Commissioning is a process that intends to improve how building equipment, facilities, and systems all function together by pin-pointing facilities that exhibit inefficient operation.

Bring equipment to its proper operational state

Reduce complaints

Reduce energy and demand costs

Increase equipment life

Improve indoor air quality

Increase tenant satisfaction

Improve facility operation and maintenance

Reduce staff time spent on emergency calls


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