Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic transfer switches are necessary parts of a smoothly operating emergency power supply. They shift power from the main electrical power grid coming into your business to the backup power source. Without an automatic power switch (ATS), you would have to wait for your facilities manager or custodian to navigate to the main panel, turn off the main, find the backup generator or battery backup and turn on your backup power source.


At EOLA Power we are not tied to a single brand. We can work with you to help you select the best brand, equipment and features for the auto transfer switch to suit your business needs. We can assess across multiple factors:

We can design, purchase and install ATS equipment that grows as your business grows, providing smooth transfer of power whether you operate a corner pharmacy or a large cold-storage warehouse.


What brands do we routinely install? Some of the strongest national manufacturers:

You may have an ATS in place that you like; we can help with replacement of a more efficient, faster-responding system. Or you may be perfectly happy with your current system and need only conscientious maintenance. We at EOLA Power can help with that, too.


To keep your ATS working flawlessly, you must provide regular maintenance. The ATS control panel is one issue; time delay mechanisms are another. Without careful maintenance from the technicians at EOLA Power, your ATS may react too quickly to minor changes in frequency and voltage, leading to false starts.


Similarly, an ATS system in good working order can help prevent premature switching back to a main power supply if that transmission is not “clean” and stable


Should your ATS be malfunctioning, the time to find out is not during the next weather emergency or power outage. Our highly trained professionals at EOLA Power can make repairs to your ATS or recommend upgrades and replacements, depending on the severity of the problem.


The power grid is precarious; at any moment a fallen branch in Tampa could cause a blackout in Miami. With a fully functioning ATS and backup power source on site, your business is protected from cascading failure. Vaults stay locked; refrigerators stay cold. You have invested in a backup power supply; invest in the technology to make that supply work seamlessly. Contact us at EOLA Power so we can help guide you in selecting the perfect ATS for your needs.

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