Load Bank Testing

The Importance Of Load Bank Testing


In many types of operations, facilities, and businesses, power outages are infrequent. This means that the generator and the uninterruptible power supply system are rarely tested under load in a real-world situation.


The Benefit of Annual Load Bank Testing


This potentially leaves your business at risk in the event of an outage on the main grid or primary power supply. If the generator is not properly maintained and tested, or if the battery or other components of the UPS are not working correctly, the business may have a power failure, even with a backup system in place.


To avoid this situation, EOLA Power offers load bank testing. This involves using a system that mimics the power the backup system will be exposed to in the event of a failure from the grid. This controlled load allows our team to complete full generator load bank testing to make sure the system is up to the standards needed to operate the equipment.


Ensuring Efficiency


Our load bank testing solutions provide a constant, controlled load to ensure the generator is able to work to the specified capacity. As it is not a random or dispersed load, it is easy for our team of engineers to verify the generator and the power system works to the capacity required for your business.


We recommend annual generator load bank testing along with maintenance services. With this schedule, it is easy to plan for load bank testing during maintenance downtime, limiting the need for additional power disruptions. The testing requires the generator to operate at peak efficiency, which is typically more than required, even during a major power outage.


The use of regular load bank testing solutions that are customized to your system also means ensuring the power from the generator is sufficient to avoid damage to sensitive equipment and electronics.

The purpose of a load bank is to accurately mimic the operational or “real” load that a power source will see in actual application. However, unlike the “real” load, which is likely to be dispersed, unpredictable and random in value, a load bank provides a contained, organized and fully controllable load.


It is very important to make sure your power system is tested as advertised. Before commissioning or during extended planned outages, it is critical that your system is fully tested to factory spec.  Clients who are ahead of the curve always load bank their UPS and Battery systems before attaching their real “load” or expensive equipment.


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