Circuit Breaker Testing

Low-voltage power circuit breakers are one of the most critical and
neglected overcurrent protection devices in any power system.

Increased exposure to moisture and contaminants makes this type of
circuit breaker very susceptible to failure.

With proper maintenance plans ,EOLA’s engineers can prevent nuisance trips, and ensure tripping operations
execute as required. In addition to improving electrical system reliability,
by ensuring optimum fault clearing times, well maintained circuit
breakers minimize the arc flash hazard energy levels that technicians
can be exposed to during a fault.

EOLA services a variety of circuit breakers like GE, Westinghouse, ITE, Siemens and Square D.

EOLA is equipped with the proper knowledge and equipment in our Service Areas for types of testing like Primary and Secondary Injection Testing.

Every overcurrent device and circuit breaker combination has its
operation indicated on time-current characteristic curves provided by
the manufacturer.