Battery Testing & Replacement

Batteries are an integral part of any critical power application. Optimal service life is realized through routine maintenance.


EOLA Power recognizes that batteries are an integral part of any critical power application. Optimal service life is realized through routine testing and maintenance. As a battery ages, its capacity drops. Battery testing is highly recommended to measure the energy that a battery is able to store and detect bad batteries.


Industry field data reveals that nearly 70% of remedial service activity is related to battery system failure. To insure UPS systems operate at optimum levels, batteries need to be replaced if they test read at 80% or less.


All it takes is one weak battery or connection to expose your critical equipment to a power problem. The cost of keeping your batteries fresh by regular testing and maintenance is minimal, when compared to the cost of downtime that a single battery can cause.

EOLA Power Service Packages include battery maintenance that is performed during preventative maintenance service visits. Benefits to our customers include:
  • The freshest batteries possible
  • Supply of all types, sizes, styles
  • Cost effective consulting
  • Recycling of old and damaged batteries


Inviting the highly trained field engineers of EOLA Power into your business to provide accurate battery testing means you entrust your company’s critical power systems to the best in the business. Our field engineers will:

  • Test and measure your battery system’s voltage, record data, and report it back to you for baseline measures and trends;
  • Measure, record and report to you your battery system’s internal resistance, a way to track battery degradation over time;
  • Check and, if needed, tighten the UPS battery post connections;
  • Assess and prevent thermal runaway, in which the battery's temperature increases and causes further increases.


Knowing when to replace specific batteries in your battery backup system means testing battery life on a regular schedule. With battery testing services from EOLA Power, your UPS is kept in constant readiness. Without frequent testing, environmental conditions can cause your batteries to degrade, losing their effectiveness at precisely the moment you need them.


An uninterruptible power source (UPS) depends on reliable, steady battery power to keep critical systems working. The failure of an aging battery can mean important financial data are lost, patient records disappear, or building locks fail.


Battery testing can catch all sorts of invisible conditions that degrade your UPS batteries:

Preventing power emergencies

  • Corrosion
  • Sulfating
  • Drying out

Without several inspection regimens, your emergency battery backup power can be ticking its way down to failure. Our field engineers will:

  • Visually inspect your batteries for cracks, leaks, or corrosion
  • Test voltage
  • Measure float current
  • Measure ripple current
  • Take temperature readings

Battery testing on a defined schedule is your added insurance that your company’s critical power systems will be ready to answer the call in an emergency.


Battery backup is a fail-safe. It simply must work when called upon. Therefore, frequent testing is needed to ensure that your critical power system is ready to perform in any condition.


EOLA Power recommends quarterly inspections on battery testing; any critical power test may need to be scheduled more frequently if local conditions — excessive heat, high humidity, or a history of power failures — warrant it.


EOLA Power is ready to assist any size business, in any field:

  • Banks, financial institutions, brokerages and any financial service requiring invulnerable electronic record preservation;
  • Jewelers, watchmakers, furriers, pawn shops, and other merchants carrying high-value, small items requiring completely secure storage;
  • Doctors’ practices, emergency care centers, medical centers, hospitals, and other locations holding vital medical records.
  • Data centers, IT equipment for businesses, call centers, casinos, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, parking garages, and many more.

The expert engineers from EOLA Power will also check the environmental factors affecting your UPS and generator. Excessive heat, humidity or dust will all shorten your system’s life. We will also examine your overall power needs in case changes to your building or systems require fresh load assessments and changes to your UPS.

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