Battery Testing & Replacement

EOLA Power is keenly aware of the importance of batteries in power systems and applications. Through our comprehensive UPS battery testing and maintenance services, we help to extend the service life of batteries.


As all batteries age, they have a restricted capacity. This diminished power supply means the battery is not as reliable, which can have significant repercussions in the power application. Routine testing identifies batteries that are no longer capable of charging or storing a charge and allows for timely UPS battery replacement.


According to industry data collected in the field, almost three-quarters of all remedial service work is caused by battery problems. Batteries that test at a level of 80% or less must be replaced to optimize the performance of the USP system.


Unfortunately, many businesses find out too late that just one problematic battery can cause significant power issues on critical and sensitive equipment. To prevent this issue, routine battery testing and maintenance services are highly recommended for all UPS battery backup systems.


EOLA Power Service plans and packages provide a range of battery maintenance and UPS battery testing solutions. Our battery service plans ensure your business will have:

EOLA Power Service plans and packages provide a range of battery maintenance and UPS battery testing solutions. Our battery service plans ensure your business will have:


The trained and experienced field engineers at EOLA Power take the time to complete comprehensive battery testing as needed throughout UPS battery backup systems. This testing will include:


In most systems, the UPS system is made up of multiple batteries. Failure of any one of the batteries can impact performance when the system is needed. With EOLA Power routine battery maintenance and UPS battery testing services, failing batteries can be identified and repaired or replaced, ensuring your system is fully operational when and if needed.


Businesses install UPS systems to protect equipment, maintain critical data systems and operations, as well as to keep a business operating in the event of a power outage. When batteries fail in the system, the building can be put at risk, critical data lost, and the business reputation may be on the line. To prevent this, our engineers may recommend UPS battery replacement.


Most of the damage that causes battery failure is invisible to the eye. By testing to check for internal degradation and performance issues of the battery, this hidden damage to the UPS battery backup can be detected and addressed.



The most common causes of battery degradation leading to battery failure are sulfating, corrosion, and drying out of the battery cells.

EOLA Power inspection services will:

Regular battery testing is the only way to ensure the UPS system is ready for use in the event of a power failure.


Battery testing schedules vary based on the specific system and the critical nature of continuous power to the business. We work with our customers to tailor a testing schedule to their system.


For most businesses, EOLA Power advocates for battery testing every quarter. In specific types of environments, including high humidity and temperatures, more frequent testing is recommended.


EOLA Power works with businesses of all sizes across all industries including:
The expert engineers from EOLA Power will also check the environmental factors affecting your UPS and generator. Excessive heat, humidity, or dust will all shorten your system’s life. We will also examine your overall power needs in case changes to your building or systems require fresh load assessments and changes to your UPS.

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