March 30, 2021

Maintaining And Testing UPS Systems

UPS or uninterruptible power supply is a critical aspect for many businesses, organizations, and services. It is a system that is in place to operate in the event of a power outage through the power system, ensuring all essential services and power needs are up and running without a disruption in service.

These comprehensive systems must be correctly maintained and tested on a regular basis. The testing ensures that these systems, when needed, immediately engage and deliver the power required to sustain the operation of critical equipment and services during a power outage.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance of UPS systems includes physical maintenance of components. This is not only the correct storage and testing of the batteries, tut the other essential components in the system. Capacitors, circuit boards, fuses, and calibration of all components on the system should be a part of a routine maintenance schedule.

Checking all connections, scanning and testing for any defective, loose, or damaged components through a visual maintenance check is essential. In addition, running a full test of the system on a routine schedule is an essential part of overall system checks.

Load Testing

There are different aspects to functional load testing. Each test should be completed to test the system under various steady states and under transient loads, which happens when there is a sudden swing in the load during a power outage.

A battery rundown test is another important part of the process. This discharge test checks the actual life of the battery when under load, ensuring the UPS performs to the necessary specifications when a power outage occurs.

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