Los Angeles / Southern California

When major data centers in the Los Angeles area need help – including after-hours maintenance and IR (infrared) thermography – the team at EOLA POWER is the one they look to first!

In Los Angeles and all throughout Southern California, our experienced professionals are on call to repair or replace equipment any time of the day or night – even under emergency conditions.

We offer our Golden State customers everything their critical electrical infrastructure needs.

Full-Scale Electrical Testing and Inspection
Your uninterruptible power supply is an essential part of business continuity. With EOLA POWER, you have access to the best uninterruptible power supply repair and uninterruptible power supply maintenance services in the area.

Need new equipment? We offer uninterruptible power supply sales from the top brands. Device going out of service? Ask us about simple uninterruptible power supply recycling.

UPS Servicing in Los Angeles
To maximize the functional life of your UPS and minimize costs, it’s imperative to catch problems before they get worse. When a UPS fails, it can devastate your business and might even cause a fire.

Our team handles load bank testing, battery testing, and electrical panel inspection for equipment at any stage of life, including backup generators. We can isolate problems, minimize their effect, and protect your investments in a way nobody else can match.

Other Services we Offer
In addition to our comprehensive UPS services, our teams offers the following:

  • Rectifier (DC Plants)
  • Lightning Inverters
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Static Transfer Switch (STS)
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Circuit Breaker Testing

EOLA POWER is the most trusted name for uninterruptible power supply services in Southern California. For immediate help to meet all your needs, contact us today.