November 17, 2017

What Does a Critical Power Technician Do?

South Florida businesses facing emergencies with their critical power systems may not give two thoughts to the Field Engineer who shows up to save the day. Yet the critical power technicians we dispatch day and night are highly trained problem solvers with a huge list of skills.


When we enlist new members to our Field Engineer ranks, we look for technicians with at least 10 years’ experience in these areas:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Because so many of the customers we serve depend on reliable UPS for operations.
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU): Any company with sensitive electronics and data will use a PDU to distribute the cleanest electrical power possible to computer racks and network devices.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS): A backup generator does nothing unless the ATS works when the utility source fails.
  • Static Transfer Switch (STS): Essentially the same as an ATS but with no moving mechanical parts, an STS uses power semiconductors to kick in backup power.

Beyond the experience in the sorts of power systems EOLA Power handles, our Field Engineers have a good working knowledge of battery backups, single-phase and three-phase circuits, sealed and wet cell batteries and more.

On Site

Safety is always our No. 1 concern. We are proud that our Field Engineers work conscientiously and safely, respecting our clients’ equipment and personnel. Once our workers’ safety is assured, our Field Engineers will go about protecting and optimizing critical power systems for all types of applications:

  • Data center operations
  • Communications networks
  • Healthcare centers
  • Industrial facilities

Equipped with electrical engineering information specific to each client’s site, we can diagnose, repair and replace just about any component or complete system for your business. More, our Field Engineers quickly can assess capacity needs and explain options for future growth, allowing your business to expand uninterrupted by power problems down the road.

Our technician can work with a client’s data center technician to troubleshoot data room power problems. Our Field Engineers can perform repairs with minimal downtime or site operation disruption, keeping your data flowing.

In answer to the question, “What does a Critical Power technician do?” we at EOLA Power are proud to say, “Just about everything, and do it darned well!” Please contact us today to learn how our Field Engineers can help your business with battery backup, generators, UPS and more.

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