December 7, 2016

Three Ways that Disaster Recovery is Different in South Florida

People live and work in South Florida largely because of the wonderful climate. The warm days, great sunrises over the Atlantic and sunsets in the Gulf all entice folks to live here.

Many Floridians, though, forget that disaster and emergencies are always only a strong storm away. If your South Florida business has no disaster recovery plan, you could be shuttering your doors forever. Disaster recovery in South Florida is unique in three important ways.

Wind and Water

Surrounded on three sides by warm water and strong ocean breezes, South Florida is subject to strong hurricanes, fierce winds, tidal flooding and more. With so much of our state barely above sea level, wind and water conspire to knock out power lines, saturate underground cables, and flood roads.

You cannot wait for the public utilities to restore power to your business. You cannot wait for public disaster recovery efforts. You need critical system backup power in-house, ready to go. You need EOLA Power.

The Odds

We all love living in Florida, but the odds are stacked against us. Only California has more homes subject to natural disaster risk, according to a study from RealtyTrac. For Florida residents, 6.7 million of us ranked in the High or Very High categories for risk.

Florida seldom feels earthquakes, but we get hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and wildfires. Any one of these can damage critical infrastructure that leaves your business or customers without power.

If you provide critical systems—like internet service, medical treatment or other vital community help—you need an emergency backup power system custom-designed by EOLA Power.

Incorporate our consulting, installation, repair and maintenance services into your crisis response plan and rest assured. You will have partnered with the premier local provider of emergency power.


South Florida sits at the end of a very long peninsula. Suppose a state like Tennessee gets hit by bad weather and power goes out for thousands. Trucks from neighboring states stream in from the north, south, east and west for disaster recovery. For South Florida, our geography limits our friendly neighbors’ abilities to get all the way down here to help.

EOLA Power

Having critical power equipment on site means you will not have to depend on FPL, OUC or anyone else to send their trucks and crews; you can ride out the storm using backup generators supplied and maintained by EOLA Power. Contact us today!

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