January 3, 2017

Hidden Costs In Choosing The Wrong Critical Power Provider

Critical power is a big part of any enterprise’s data center costs, and it should be figured into the cost of many other facilities. Inevitably, the cost of business critical power is strongly influenced by UPS – uninterruptible power supplies – and how often they must be used. Some assets may use dozens of UPS units for key servers and cooling devices.

Hidden costs can include the following:

Scalability and Downtime

Every time a data center or other power-intensive asset is upgraded, the cost of new and better UPS units must be part of the equation. Likewise, an upgrade that requires a new UPS typically demands all affected elements of the system be brought down for installation and testing.

This can mean hours of lost revenue!

Over time, more scalable UPS systems have become available, cutting downtime and associated risks. However, these systems are expensive compared to their more conventional counterparts. This causes capital investments to be put off, which reintroduces the very risk new technology is meant to solve.

Storage and Wastage

The ultimate goal of any investment in a UPS system is to protect business operations in a worst-case scenario. A UPS cannot typically maintain a system at full capacity for more than a few minutes, but it allows for rapid backup of crucial data. Luckily, such situations don’t arise often.

When they do, there’s a chance the UPS simply won’t work if the internal battery has self-discharged.

To fend off this nightmare scenario, personnel time must be invested in periodically plugging in and recharging UPS units that are in long-term storage. The right maintenance procedures can practically eliminate the threat of self-discharge. However, this adds a whole new element of human error to the process that must be rigorously guarded against.

Efficiency in Operating Environment

For residential users, virtually only one UPS design is necessary or even attainable. Enterprises, on the other hand, must choose from a vast number of different UPS architectures and technologies based on the operating environment. When UPS equipment is matched incorrectly to its intended use and usage frequency, it can be a drain on power.

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