September 28, 2020

A Few Things That Nobody Told You About Data Center Commissioning

Creating a data center is a lengthy, expensive process. As such, it needs to be built as efficiently and securely as possible.  Furthermore, you need to make sure that it is as stable as possible to keep your customers happy. What is the best way to deal with these issues? The answer is to carry out a thorough data commissioning process.

What Commissioning Consists Of

At first, the term data center commissioning is kind of vague. However, it signifies an actual process that is intended as a quality control measure. In essence, commissioning tests a data center’s capabilities before it goes live. This testing tells us whether the data center is designed in a way that will support the security and up-time needs of the end consumer.

Planning the Design

Before you can create a data center, you need to know what it will look like. Thus, designing the infrastructure is the first stage of commissioning. This plan will be the basis for constructing and testing the center. It also serves as a time to connect key contributors to the project to define roles.

Building the Data Center

Next, the team will begin building the actual structure of the data center. This involves installing all the equipment and systems necessary for the operation of the center. It is also common to start making training programs at this stage. Actual training may also begin to take place.

Starting Operations

Once the center is constructed, it is ready to operate. Generally, this part of data center commissioning involves finalizing the systems and doing a performance analysis. It is also the time when the commissioning team turns over control to the day-to-day operators of the center.

Final Tasks

All in all, commissioning for data centers is a detailed process. After it is finished, regular maintenance and testing is required to keep the operations running smoothly. In the end, commissioning a data center is an ongoing project.

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